• Trigger on-demand marketing content according to the customer's context, always recognizing who and where someone is. Still up to date and automated across campaigns, journeys, triggers, and even channels. It's no channel, your consumer is the channel!
  • Combine customer data with product feeds, store details, on-sale ops, reviews, weather, and pretty much anything you can think of!

  • Implement these business logics right away with ready-to-use templates.

  • Reelevant is everywhere: email, website, sms, push-notifications, in-app notifications... It’s as simple as copy pasting a URL, literally. 

Create customer lifecycle at the content-level with the Workflows

On-demand Marketing Content Everywhere

Cross-channel at content-level, create a unique experience at every touchpoint, up-to-date everywhere in the moment of interaction:

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  • Create content that updates in real-time, when your customers see them. 

  • Transform data points into contents: texts, images, GIFs, and much more!

  • Define conditions for elements to appear, disappear or change automatically based on data.

Create individualized visual content at scale

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  • Benefit from dozens of out-of-the-box integrations.

  • Plug your stack to Reelevant in minutes.

  • Connect anything & everything you have: CRM data, product feeds, website browsing interactions... 

Rely on your 
existing data

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  • Forget the endless stream of content creation. Reuse Workflows & contents across multiple campaigns and triggers.

  • Change an ongoing campaign in real-time. The next openers will get the updated version, seamlessly. 
  • No custom development required.

Build once, 
reuse for ever

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  • Analyze the results of your marketing efforts with the Reelevant dashboard

  • Discover what content drove interest and what led your customers to the buying decision.

  • Increase LTV and boost repeat purchasing by making data-driven decisions.

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