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Individualized Content At Scale

Reelevant turns data into cross-channel individualized content. Engage your customers. Accelerate your revenue.

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Only 1 out of 10 people interact with marketing messages

Travel & hospitality

Drive loyalty and engagement with truly individualized experiences for your travellers.

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Financial services

Engage your customers with content that actually talk to them.

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Don’t choose. Boost both in-store and online sales with individualized content that match your customers’ journey.

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Leverage data across all your channels. Drive repeat purchases by pushing the right content depending on users’ behavior.

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A great feature of the Reelevant platform is its capacity to combine different data feeds together. We were able to capitalize on our multiple APIs to display the most pertinent content for each and every customer.

Clément Pegheon

CRM Ecommerce Manager at Carrefour


Reelevant first use case with us is already a huge success. They provide a unique way to customize contents. We look forward to co-constructing new campaigns in the future!

Ludivine Boivin

CRM Project Manager at Renault France


Reelevant has become a key component in our strategy to retain customers. The combination of our existing tech stack and Reelevant allows us to send truly personalized emails and to be closer to our customers.

Valentine Rougier

E-commerce & Customer Marketing Manager at Dr. Pierre Ricaud

Inspiring brands understand that personalization is key. Data is at the heart of their strategy.
They've built increasingly accurate customer segments, sometimes down to the individual level.
It is a great strategy. But once you have that data, scaling your contents & visuals to match your 1:1 individual-based marketing becomes a problem.

Meet Reelevant, the On-demand Content Engine.

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Simulate the potential ROI you could realize by using the Reelevant On-Demand Content engine.

  • Plug your data 
    Leverage your customer data, product feeds, or website user interactions in Reelevant.

  • Turn data into on-demand contents
    Create templates of texts, images, or animated visuals based on dynamic attributes for an individualized & real-time experience.

  • Orchestrate your contents
    Trigger on-demand content depending on the customer attributes, interactions, or contextual data. Across campaigns, sequences, and even triggers.

  • Use Reelevant everywhere
    Add your contents to any of your tools: email builders, mobile engagement platforms, websites...Oh, and it’s no-code.

How Reelevant works

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